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The Consultation

Local Need and Benefits

The need for this specialist retirement community has been set out by Norwich City Council in its Local Plan (2014), where the proposal site, referred to as ‘R42: Land west of Bluebell Road, Bartram Mowers Limited’ is allocated for housing for the over 55s including retirement housing.

The Local Plan outlines that:

‘This form of housing meets a local and city wide need. Eaton has a significantly higher proportion of elderly residents than other parts of the city and there is an identified shortage of such housing in Norwich. In addition, such housing will have a reduced transport impact on the area at peak times.’

In addition, McCarthy Stone developments have a positive impact on the local economy as they are typically located on or close to high streets and local centres, as is the case with the proposed development for land on Bluebell Road. This ensures that residents have easy access to local shops and services.

This spending by older people can help maintain local outlets from the newsagents and the butchers to the bakery, pub, and local cafe – in other words the shops and community spaces which make up the heart of local communities.

Enhancing your local area

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