We work hard to build environmentally friendly developments, with each scheme having high standards of insulation and energy efficiency. The majority of our customers could save around £1,200 per year on running costs when compared with their previous property.

We help to achieve this by constructing sustainable homes. All of our schemes have high standards of insulation and energy efficient features such as cookers and lighting.

Our sites are also usually on previously development land, helping to preserve green field and undeveloped areas.

Car parking and transport

Our sites are close to towns, local shops, facilities and transport links, which means that our customers have a reduced reliance on their own cars and a smaller ‘carbon footprint’.

Indeed, in later life, the decision to move to specialist accommodation located closer to the shops and services that they place most reliance on, often goes hand in hand with relinquishing their car. Of those who do decide to keep hold of their car, many will often decide to sell it after a year or so when they realise that it is no longer essential to maintaining their independence.

Considerate construction

We manage every aspect of the construction process and we look to ensure that our activities have regard to site neighbours and the general public.

Our staff are guided by our own Considerate Construction Policy that seeks to minimise the impact of building work – hoardings are properly maintained, deliveries are at reasonable hours, noise is controlled and free phone numbers are displayed should site neighbours have any queries.